Renewal Sunday Worship

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The order of worship in our typical Sunday service follows the traditional Presbyterian form. People often think of the sermon as the featured element of the service, with everything else serving simply as a prelude to the sermon. But our Presbyterian order is intentional about proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ from beginning to end.

Beholding God for who he is (call to worship, prayer and songs of adoration) leads us to see our sin and our need for a Savior (prayer of confession), which causes us to turn to Jesus Christ for his saving and renewing grace (assurance of pardon). Then, in response to his mercy, we hear and obey the Word of God as people who are already accepted through Christ. Thus, through each and every worship service, we aim to experience the gospel anew. This reflects our core value of gospel-centered worship:

The gospel transforms our relationship with God from one of hostility, dread, or indifference to one of reverent joy and intimate love. At the heart of the gospel is the enjoyment and praise of God in worship and prayer as we behold His worth and beauty. In our services, we value worship that is God-centered and Christ-exalting, preaching that is expository (explaining the text of Scripture) and gospel-centered (expounding all biblical themes as climaxing in Christ and his work of salvation), and prayer marked by repentance (contritely turning away from sin) and faith (joyfully turning as a forgiven child of God to Christ's grace to do his will).

Order Of Worship

Recognition Repentance Response
- Call to Worship
- Prayer of Adoration
- Songs of Praise
- Prayer of Confession
- Private Confession
- Assurance of Pardon
- The Lord's Prayer
- Song of Confession
- Extending Greetings
  to One Another
- Announcements
- Offering
- Sermon
- Song of Response
- Benediction

Praise Archives

In our services, we use a mix of traditional hymns and modern songs. We believe that both historical and fresh expressions of praise to God help our church worship him in spirit and truth.

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